Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program

Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program

The annual Robert Stigwood Fellowships provide intensive mentoring and professional development to local musicians and industry entrepreneurs, and helps them forge global connections.

The 2016 Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program is supporting five South Australian artists and three local entrepreneurs:

2016 Stigwood Artist Fellows:

  • West Thebarton Brothel Party
  • The Hard Aches
  • Bec Stevens
  • Flamingo
  • Mane

2016 Stigwood Industry Fellows:

  • Sian Walden
  • Peta Spurling-Brown
  • Jimmy Bollard

There are two elements to the Stigwood Fellowship Program:

  • Industry Fellows, in which Stuart MacQueen of boutique Australian music company Wonderlick Entertainment mentors emerging South Australian music industry entrepreneurs who are working in music management or other areas of artist representation; and
  • Artist Fellows, which tailors programs to the needs of the participating artists and may include song writing, production, business skills, marketing and public relations, and attendance at conferences and high-level industry meetings.

Named after Adelaide expat Robert Stigwood, the annual Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program is run through the Music Development Office.

Mr Stigwood moved from his hometown Adelaide to England in 1955. An impresario and entrepreneur, he was one of the most successful figures in the entertainment world in the 1960s and 70s, managing iconic groups the Bee Gees and Cream, theatrical productions Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar and films including Saturday Night Fever.

2015 Robert Stigwood Fellows

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