Industry Clustering

Industry clusters are groups of similar businesses that function in a symbiotic, collaborative way.  In a cluster, businesses with a cross-section of complementary skills work together to build greater capacity for all businesses involved – working with each other’s strengths maximises efficiencies and provides more opportunities to lead.

South Australia already leads the world in many aspects of high end audio manufacturing and is building the technology platforms that are enabling the world to share in our rich musical culture.  To grow this expertise the Department of State Development provides support to the music cluster Musitec


Musitec is a not-for-profit industry “cluster” with a charter to build business opportunities for musicians, technologists and creative industry practitioners by bringing together individual skills to collaboratively develop new products or services.

Industry clustering is being embraced by forward-looking countries throughout the world and creative industries clusters have returned the economies of some cities to a AAA rating. Musitec is the first organisation of its kind in Australia. It brings together not only music businesses, but also technology companies and more broadly the creative industries as a whole. It is exploring opportunities to assist in creating sustainable business locally, nationally and internationally.

Musitec is located at the St Paul’s Creative Centre.

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