Jon Lemon Artist in Residence Program


Details of previous rounds are in the HANDBOOK .


The Jon Lemon Artist in Residence (JLAIR) program has expanded to include new categories for projects.

Eligible applicants include artists / sound engineers  / producers, who will choose one of the following categories that best represents their collaborative partner(s):

  1. artists / sound engineers  / producers (open category)
  2. regionally based artists / sound engineers  / producers
  3. visual / performance artists
  4. creative industries (e.g. game developers, film producers)

The expansion of the program recognises the opportunities that songwriters / composers may pursue to put them on the path to alternate income streams.

The regional category encourages artists / sound engineers / producers from outer Metro areas in South Australia to collaborate in the CBD.

Further details are available in the HANDBOOK.

The Music Development Office will NOT be facilitating any pairings between applicants and other collaborators, including artists, engineers, producers, visual/performance artists or creative industry personnel.

Applicants will develop their own projects, secure the potential participation of other artists / industry collaborators, and devise their timeframe and budget accordingly.


  • Up to $2000, and up to 2 weeks free use of the songspace rooms at St Paul’s. The 2 weeks worth of residency dates do not need to be consecutive days.


Elizabeth Reid
Program Manager,
Music Development Office
08 7320 3307 

The Jon Lemon Artist in Residence (JLAIR) program is offered in recognition of one of the world’s leading and most experienced live-sound engineers and aims to support South Australian song writers, producers and engineers to create new music through collaboration.

South Australian-born, Jon Lemon has worked with many world class, successful artists including Sia, Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure, just to name a few. When he’s not traveling the globe for his craft, he happily resides in the state’s Fleurieu Peninsula, and has a great passion for nurturing local songwriting.

Through the JLAIR program, South Australian song writers, music producers and engineers can apply to become an ‘Artist in Residence’, working in one of two brand new song writing rooms based at St Paul’s Creative Centre. These “Songspace” rooms at St Paul’s are purpose built and uniquely designed to provide a comfortable, creative space to assist artists with developing new work.

About the Songspace Rooms

Artists in Residence will have access to a suite of amenities and equipment in the Songspace rooms, including digital interfaces, hard drives, and software that will facilitate the demo-ing of new material.

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