Songspace at St Paul’s


“SongSpaces” at St Paul’s are comprised of 2 x purpose-built songwriting rooms that help bring the creative process to the Creative Centre.

Each SongSpace room enables musicians, music engineers and producers to work on collaborative projects in an inspiring, unique and comfortable environment.

Projects that take place in the rooms should include plans for artists to collaborate other artists and/or music engineers and producers on new material.

As a Creative Centre, we envision these rooms as a way to spark new ideas, new partnerships, new ways of approaching your music.

The SongSpace rooms are not designed as fully kitted recording studios, nor are they rehearsal rooms for existing material. They provide a unique place for you to work together with other like-minded creatives.

See below for the equipment and tech specs that are included in the hire fee for the rooms.

FAQs (PDF) >>

Pictured, SongSpaces “The Sauna” (left) and “The Cabin” (right)

SongSpace both



There are 3 ways an artist, music engineer or producer can access SongSpace rooms.



There are 2 grant rounds per year, which provide funding of up to $3000 per project for artists / music engineers or producers to spend up to 3 weeks in the rooms, collaborating on new material. Room hire is included in the benefits of their residencies. The inaugural round is closed, with the first Artists in Residence beginning their terms from mid September 2016. The next round closes on 20 January 2017, for projects between 20 February and the end of June. Full details >>



Expressions of Interest for room hire are welcomed for collaborative work on new material . Download an EOI form (Word Doc)>>

Email it to the St Paul’s Community Liaison, Elizabeth at

She will be in touch ASAP to discuss your needs, and the rooms’ availability.

For questions, either email or call 08 7320 3307.



Tenants or Members of St Paul’s Creative Centre can hire the rooms at a discounted fee.

They should contact Elizabeth directly to arrange a booking.




Download the Room Costs & Equipment Specs (PDF) >>

Discount rates apply for St Paul’s Creative Centre’s Members & Tenants. Details on Membership >>




It is up to you to develop a project or idea that you want to work on while in the rooms. If you have a specific sound or goal in mind, we might be able to make suggestions, but you will need to approach others yourself.

There are several ways to find people for your ‘songwriting team’.

South Australia has a vibrant music scene, with plenty of shows happening throughout the week. You might see an artist perform and approach them to work together on something. Or you might have some artist friends in mind, with whom you’ve always wanted to co-write. You could also explore local producers’ recorded work, and seek to have their input on your material. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Music SA (non-profit, non-government organisation, based at St Paul’s) has an excellent online directory of South Australian Artists, and Businesses (including engineers and producers). We recommend you explore the listings to find suitable collaborators. See

St Paul’s will also start an informal ‘register’ of those artists / producers who tell us that they are seeking to work with others. This can be updated monthly and made available by request from the St Paul’s Community Liaison. If you want to be on this list, please download, fill out and return this form  (Word Doc) >>

If you would like a copy of this list, please email your request to



Contact Elizabeth Reid, Community Liaison
St Paul’s Creative Centre
Ph 08 7320 3307

Lots of details are available in our FAQs document! Download the PDF >>