2021-22 Music Development Office Strategic Plan: Supporting Recovery

Created in direct response to the impacts faced by the contemporary original music sector throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021-22 Music Development Office Strategic Plan sets out the MDO’s strategic objectives to support recovery specifically over the next two years.
Development of the strategy was informed by the industry engagement process undertaken by the Department as part of the industry led Creative Industries Strategy response to Growth State: Our Plan for Prosperity and included a dedicated survey with 50 music businesses to understand the impacts of COVID 19 to the local sector.
Themes of the strategy include: encouraging collaboration, skills development, innovation, entrepreneurialism, promotion, access and export.  The plan’s mission being to support the re-shape, recovery, rebuild and re-strengthening of a resilient, confident and future-ready music industry.
This Strategic Plan targets artists and music industry entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, all tiers of government and is inclusive to diverse communities throughout South Australia.