South Australian Music Industry Strategy

The South Australian Music Industry Strategy was launched in February 2018. Created by the Music Development Office, the Strategy is a collaborative plan to accelerate growth of the music sector in South Australia, with a mission to ensure that our state’s music businesses are globally competitive, innovative and have ready access to new markets.

Development of the strategy was informed by an industry consultation process and extensive research, including a report into the economic value of the music sector to South Australia and a mapping exercise to identify the number and type of businesses in the local music industry supply chain. We also assessed global and national industry trends and compared them to trends in the local business environment, and undertook an industry capability analysis to identify the state’s relative strengths.

The strategy sets out a plan to increase vibrancy and cultural activity, and drive economic growth and employment for South Australia by facilitating collaboration between all tiers of government, industry and not-for-profit support organisations.

It aims to:

  • map existing assets, quantify the size of the industry and develop baselines
  • ensure government support continues to align with industry needs
  • encourage active collaboration between all stakeholders
  • identify and explore opportunities for industry development

Five strategic priorities have been identified to help the sector grow over the short to medium term:

  • Activating live music across the state
  • Export and international market development
  • Music festivals and events
  • Media and PR – telling our good news stories
  • Technology and digital engagement