Liquor Licensing

As detailed in the 2018-19 State Budget, South Australia’s new liquor licensing structure has been finalised after extensive consultation with the sector and industry groups.

Changes to the fee structure were developed following the review undertaken by retired Supreme Court Judge the Hon Tim Anderson QC, which recommended implementing a risk-based annual liquor licensing fee structure and thorough analysis of the current fees being paid at all levels of licences.

The new fees are set to come into effect for new licences from November this year.  Existing licences transitioning to the new system will not be affected by the fee changes until they are renewed in mid-2020. Licensees can sign up for regular updates, learn more about the new fee structure and update their details here.

Please find an online fee calculator here. Licensees can use the calculator to determine what their new fees are likely to be and also check on what they would be should they reduce their trading hours and capacities.

Licensees can also email the liquor reform mail box should they have any further queries at