Are you considering applying for funding through the Australian Government’s Live Music Australia program?

In case you missed it, the Australian Government Office for the Arts and the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) held an info session on 24 August that provided great insights into the program and how to best put together your application.

The Live Music Australia program provides $20 million over four years

The first year of funding is aimed at preparing live music venues to become operational following the impacts of COVID‑19 on the industry. The focus of the program is on small to medium venues that support high quality original Australian live music that is professionally staged.

Here are some recommendations from the session:

  • Does your project demonstrate  “value for money”?
  • Pay close attention to the program’s objectives and intended outcomes, which will be considered during assessment.
  • Demonstrate your need and expertise to undertake the project.
  • Give the assessors an idea of where you fit in to the broader ecosystem.
  • Support letters that speak directly to your proposed activity are encouraged  – but not too many.
  • Other income support (e.g. state government funding) for your project can be included.
  • These are not ‘survival’ grants, rather they are about: “what your venue could do in the circumstances to regenerate activity to reinvest in more live music going forward”.
  • Urban, regional and remote applications are all encouraged.
  • You can apply for multiple rounds if your application is unsuccessful you are welcome to apply again.
  • Sole traders are eligible, but individuals are not, nor are festivals, nor are once-only events, nor are individual band tours.
  • Assessment may take up to 12 weeks.

To apply go here:

Applications close: September 13, 2020 23:45 AEST

Image credit: Spin Off Festival, Daniel Marks.