Music Industry Council

The Music Industry Council for South Australia (MIC) has been established in response to a recommendation made by Live Music Thinker in Residence, Martin Elbourne, through his REVERB report.  His report outlines the need for a South Australian Contemporary Music Advisory Council, which would bring the sector together and in doing so establish a shared vision and to work better with Government.

The purpose of the Music Industry Council is to present a unified vision and voice for the South Australian Music Industry to other groups and stakeholders including local and state Government agencies.

Through its core membership and close working relationships with industry stakeholders, MIC works to identify and address issues, and create opportunities for the ongoing development of the South Australian music industry.

The Council is led by 4 key principles:

  • Integration – of the disparate elements of the industry
  • Action – on issues of importance to the music industry
  • Adaption – to industry needs as it evolves and changes
  • Leadership – to identify, quantify and respond

The establishment of the MIC has been led by Music SA and the music industry, and supported by government representatives from the Adelaide City Council and the Music Development Office.

For more information about MIC contact Kim Roberts (Chair):