RAMP-ing Up Music in Our Regions

South Australia’s live music scene doesn’t stop once you leave Adelaide.

To recognise this, regional areas are the focus of a new state government program: the Regional Accelerator Music Program (RAMP). Championed by the Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni, RAMP has been rolled out in eight areas across the state since late last year and is designed to include an industry roundtable, music workshops and subsidies for live music events.

Of the original $100,000 A State for Music budget line item, $48,000 was set aside for activities to support regional live music activation.

What has RAMP achieved so far?

The goal of RAMP is simple: to support the live music scene outside of Adelaide. Eight ‘Discovery Roundtables’ have already been held in regional areas including the Adelaide Hills, Barossa, Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta, with sessions including input from state government, local businesses, councils, regional economic development bodies and local musicians.

Facilitated discussions involved the following topics:

1. Identifying the various local music and creative arts organisations and their roles in supporting the region’s live music environment, which helped provide a baseline for future live music growth projections.

2. Identifying the barriers, enablers and opportunities associated with regional live music, and agreeing on objectives for increasing music activation in the target region.

3. Determining the scope of music workshops in the future and live music activation for the region.

4. The next steps to take, and the resources required to meet those objectives.

Photo by Tom Ling

What’s next for RAMP?

The second stage of RAMP is the delivery of a series of follow-up workshops. The next areas to welcome RAMP workshops are Mt Gambier on the 8th of August, and Port Lincoln on the 22nd of August.

Have your say!

RAMP is just an example of what can be done to try and boost live music in our regions. To have some input on what else might be possible, read on!

South Australia’s regions and the communities that live and work in them are vital for the future prosperity of the state, and we want to make sure these communities continue to grow and thrive. So, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how the government can better engage with the regions.

We are preparing a Regional Development Strategy that will help grow our regional economies, support people in their choice to live in regional communities, and ensure regional South Australia is revitalised and prosperous. We’re looking for fresh ideas and a local perspectives to assist us in developing a strategy that will empower our communities.

Your input will help in the formation of a South Australian Regional Development Strategy, designed to guide strategic regional development across the state.

Help shape South Australia’s Regional Development Strategy here.

Featured image of The Porch Sessions by Jack Fenby.