Regulatory Reform


Support for Live Music Venues

In August 2016, the State Government announced plans for major reforms of live music regulations to help make it easier for venues to host live music.  Following an industry roundtable to identify cumbersome regulations holding back the music industry, State and Local Government will move to:

  • Amend development regulations to allow ‘low risk’ live music in licensed and unlicensed venues, allowing non-traditional venues such as coffee shops to host live music without approvals
  • Remove archaic conditions relating to genre or specific musical instruments
  • Establish a case management program to support venues wanting to host live music
  • Create a grants program (through Renewal SA) to help alleviate the cost of acoustic engineer reports needed by live music venues
  • Deliver advisory notices to councils to guide them when making live music related assessments
  • Implement further reforms aimed at reducing costs on businesses and local government when acoustic assessments are required.

Read the full report “Streamlining Live Music Regulation”.


The Government, Music Development Office, Australian Hotels Association, Local Government Association, Live Music Office, SA Police and the Environment Protection Authority, as well as venue owners and operators, community groups and the local music industry were all involved.

The raft of reforms announced build on earlier red tape reduction measures including:

  • Removing the $500 application fee to host live music and the removal of so-called entertainment consent provisions, ensuring venues can now host live music between 11am and midnight; and
  • The State variation to Class 9b of the National Construction Code which greatly reduces costs on establishing a venue.