SongSpaces at St Paul’s

“SongSpaces” at St Paul’s are managed by the Music Development Office.

They are comprised of 2 x purpose-built songwriting rooms that help bring the creative process to the Creative Centre.

Each SongSpace room enables musicians, music engineers and producers to work on collaborative projects in an inspiring, unique and comfortable environment.

Projects that take place in the rooms should include plans for artists to collaborate other artists and/or music engineers and producers on new material. As a Creative Centre, we envision these rooms as a way to spark new ideas, new partnerships, new ways of approaching your music.

Other uses of these rooms include podcasting, game and video editing, and voice-over work by early career and emerging creatives.

SongSpace rooms are noise attenuated (but not sound proof), and are not designed as fully kitted recording studios, nor are they rehearsal rooms for existing material. They provide a unique place for you to work together on writing with other like-minded creatives.

Room Costs, Equipment Specs, Terms & Conditions (PDF) >>



There are 2 ways an artist, music engineer, producer or other creative to access SongSpace rooms.

(1) Room Hire by Expression of Interest
This process makes sure your project needs are a good fit for the rooms before any bookings are confirmed. Please READ OUR ST PAUL’S FAQ’S >
Weekdays only, 9.30am – 4.30pm @ $12.50 per hour

(2) Tenant & Member Hire
St Paul’s Creative Centre’s community can hire the rooms at a discounted fee, with the option of after hours access. Bookings are made directly through


Creative Industries
St Paul’s Creative Centre

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